Aircraft Museum

Timing of Museum

Tuesday to Sunday : 11:30 AM - 8.30 PM

Monday : Closed

Ticket Counter Closing Time : 8.00 PM

Museum Entry Fee

Rs. 30/- Per Head (Children 3 years and above Full Ticket Required)

School students are allowed free entry by showing ID cards

Important Phone Numbers

Contact Number : 62922 90700

General Rules and Regulation
  • Count your cash and check your ticket before leaving the counter.
  • Tickets once purchased cannot be transferred or refunded.
  • Validity of ticket is 60 Minutes to enter the museum.
  • For any queries, please contact 'Interpretation Centre' near entry gate. Do not ask questions in the ticket counter.
  • Do not leave the ticket at the entry gate. Entry tickets to be retained by the visitors at all times. Anybody found without ticket inside the Museum may be escorted out by the security personal.
  • Outside food is not allowed inside the Museum.
  • Driving Cars/ Motor Cycle/2 Wheelers inside the Museum during the visiting hours are not allowed.
  • Smoking, Consumption of Alcohol, Gutkha, Drugs, etc. are prohibited inside the Museum.
  • Pet Animals like Dogs, Cats, Birds, and/ or any other animals are not allowed inside the Museum.
  • Playing of loud Music Systems inside the Museum is strictly prohibited.
  • Picnic parties are not allowed inside the Museum.
  • Please do not litter inside the Museum. Anyone caught littering shall have to bear the task of cleaning it up and then be escorted by security.
  • Fine of Rs. 100/ - will be charged for littering.
  • Vandalism and destruction of property inside Museum is serious offense. Anyone doing so will have to make good the loss incurred and / or may be handed over to the Police Authority.
  • Don't touch Statue or any other objects inside the Museum.
  • Always stay on pathways and grass lawn areas.
  • Sale of goods or services, display of goods or services inside the Museum for sale and / or demonstration is not permitted.
  • Weapons, Swords, Knife and Fire Arms are not allowed inside the Museum.
  • The Museum authority reserves the right to inspect bags of all guests if the circumstances so demand.
  • Empty Plastic Water Bottles, after removing the bottle cap, may be dropped into dustbin.
  • Do not use any cup, glasses made EPS material (Thermocol) and Plastic material inside the Museum.
  • It is the responsibilities of the visitors to keep vigil on their children.
  • Please keep your personal items with you at all times or keep vigil on it. The Museum Authority cannot be held responsible for missing items. If you find
  • any If you find any item inside the Museum that does not belong to you, please deposit it to the office.
  • People not allowed to hold meeting, wedding ceremonies, and / or other ceremonies, parties inside the Museum.
  • Distribution of literature, brochures, handbills, Leaflets, pamphlets, notices, cards, advertising items, promotion items, petitions, registrations etc are not allowed inside of Museum.
  • Drop your comments/suggestion at the Comment box. Best suggestion of the month/ year may be rewarded by the Aircraft Museum Authority.