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West Bengal Housing Infrastructure

Development Corporation

West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (WBHIDCO) plans and executes development projects in the entire 6,000–7,000 hectare area in Rajarhat, Kolkata, west Bengal. The erstwhile planning area of WBHIDCO is divided into four Action Areas ie. Action Area I , Action Area–II , Action Area–III. There is another area in between Action Area I & II is Central Business District (CBD)

WBHIDCO is trying to develop Rajarhat, New Town as a futuristic smart city. WBHIDCO has prepared the LUDCP and it is developing all infrastructure like roads, drains, sewerage line, water supply lines, major beautification works and other related major works as per master plan. With multinational IT giants are setting up campuses in the area, the civic body wants to make infrastructure full–proof.

WBHIDCO has decided to install the geographic information system ( GIS) to have a complete computerized database of Rajarhat. This will help integrate the database on the number of house owners, property tax, mutation, building construction as well public utilities. This will help planning services for New Town.